Alisher Khayrullaev

Software Engineer
Born nine thousand four hundred and twenty-two days ago, living in Seoul, South Korea, where I studied and at the moment building experience in tech.

Currently, I am working as a Front-end Engineer at RedBlue. I have a decent experince in building Web & Mobile applications along with backend, using React, React-Native and NodeJS.

Previously, during my university time, I was a Full-Stack Developer Intern at RS Interactive where I contributed to the development of a few large scale projects including devilz.co.kr and Vibrary.

Outside of my professional role, I enjoy exploring new programming languages, tools, and emerging technologies. Aside from my passion for software, I have a variety of hobbies and interests to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Usually, I like to disconnect from the screens by going on walks and reading books.

Here in the Blog section, I share my knowledge on programming and document my journey whenever I am learning a new thing.

Favorite Quote:

The magnitude of the reward you experience as you are moving towards your goal is proportionate to the importance of the goal. - Anonymous


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